Ghost Guessed is a story of loss subsumed in personal and cultural memory, related through Kwiatkowski and Griggs’ skillful intertextuality — an awareness and use of the language of photography and the photographic nature of language. It isn’t a novel, or a photo book; it’s a piece of visual literature.

Christian Patterson, Redheaded Peckerwood and Bottom of the Lake
How do we connect the fragmentary stories and images of our lives into a fixed sequence? Tom Griggs and Paul Kwiatkowski’s kaleidoscopic visual memoir suggests the answer might be as fleeting and lyrical as watching a bird in flight. 

Alec Soth, Songbook and Sleeping by the Mississippi

Ghost Guessed is a deeply melancholic and beautiful witness to the strange synchronicities that permeate our lives. Channeling W.G. Sebald, the authors array a palimpsest of personal and cultural history with a story of loss and discovery, and a haunting arrangement of photographs that feel both timeless and firmly rooted to their particular moments. This is a book to be read not as memoir, fictional pastiche, or photo-narrative, but as a new kind of literature.

 Peter Bebergal, author of Strange Frequencies

Somehow both pointed and elliptical, mysterious and poignant, Ghost Guessed is a book of paradoxes and fragments, an attempt to chart the blurry border between the known and the unknowable. But I’m sure of this much: Kwiatkowski and Griggs have produced a highly original, arresting, and lasting work of art.

Justin Taylor, author of Flings
GHOST GUESSED is a beautiful, complex construction of images and words, sound and texture, facts informed by memory, loss and, ultimately, love.

Andrea Modica, Treadwell and January 1
Ghost Guessed is a fascinating and intriguing reflection of private life and memory through the use of archival photos and personal, autobiographical texts that create a parallelism between the transmutation of images in a society shaped by visual culture and the changes we experience in our own passing through life.

A truly remarkable accomplishment is that the book is a collaboration between two photographers, developing a personal narrative that corresponds, in different ways and times, to both their lives.

 Mariela Sancari, Moisés and Mr. & Dr.
Ghost Guessed by Paul Kwiatkowski and Tom Griggs delves deeply into the fragile and complex interconnections that shape our lives. In action, word, and image, the book unfolds as a searching and wholly original journey of meditation and cinematic collage that taps into the zeitgeist as a case study for how meaning can be found in the seams between the mysterious and the mundane. 

Jack Riccobono, director of "The Seventh Fire"

GHOST GUESSED reads like a near mystical journey. Kwiatkowski and Griggs have created a unique book that channels shared memories through the overlap of photography and story, discovery and mystery.

Scot Sothern, author of Curb Service